JoAnn, you have been a model for me in your business practices and commitment to improve others' lives through your donations. I do recognize the effort you make and I appreciate it very much.
-Jennifer M.

Wasn't even sure I would qualify for my own home. I reached out to JoAnn to get some advice on what steps I should take in order to do so and in a few months I was moving in! Couldn't have asked for better communication and customer service. I honestly felt like we were in this together and as a team we got my 1st home (and a beautiful one at that!). I'm just thrilled and so thankful to JoAnn and her associates!
-Shy M.

We want to share what a wonderful experience that refinancing our home meant to Ted and I. When we first met with you we learned of how refinancing works, costs, details and this made it so easy for us to move forward with the refinance. We had a few extra bills that we decided to consolidate and boy that just freed up our whole finances and we only had one monthly bill with a much lower interest rate and monthly payment. Should we ever need to use your services again, we will not hesitate and of course we will refer our friends. Thank you for being so informative each step of the way and for changing the way we feel about the mortgage industry.
-Ted & Melodie L.

I just wanted to pause and thank you and your team for all that you have done to assist Scott and me in our first home purchase. Your professionalism and caring efforts have certainly provided us with much needed comfort during this process --- rather than being stressed, we are at ease and our excitement grows with each passing day. We count ourselves very fortunate to have you in our corner and are sure to tell anyone who will listen. - P.S. Rianne (our realtor) also mentioned how impressed she was with you and your firm and asked where we found you! :)
-Kimberly K.

I have never seen a better combination of professional expertise, knowledge, tenacity, attitude, patience, and personal service in my 31 years as a Real Estate Broker!
-Page Willis, Re/Max Cinco Ranch

My loan application was for a jumbo loan, so I naturally assumed big, high risk for the lender, and it would take long to close, due to the additional due diligence. This would be the situation in most cases. However, because of JoAnn's in-depth knowledge on the whole process, the time it took to process the loan went allot quicker than I expected. In addition to that, the communication and contact with JoAnn was superb. I knew how my loan was progressing every step of the way. My realtor was also pleasantly surprised, having worked with many loan officers, she commented JoAnn delivered 1st class service.
-Bola O.

What Our Clients Say

Feedback from our clients is extremely important to us. We strive to provide our customers with service that is always of the highest standard.
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John and I have been thrilled at the work JoAnn did for us this past year. She has excellent customer service and will walk you through anything you do not understand. There is nothing scary or intimidating about the process when you are in JoAnn's care!
-Tanya D.

JoAnn made this procedure a great journey and a very fast one!!! I do not think it was more than 4 weeks that you started!! Thank you for every thing you did and how diligent you were. The process felt so smooth and so easy that I can not believe I am done!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-Alexandra L.

JoAnn, it was wonderful working with you on our refinance of our home. You made the paperwork clear, concise and as painless as possible for this type of transaction. Thanks again for your wonderful work.
-Val M.

Thank you JoAnn... Thanks for all you are doing and sacrificing. You don't see much of this in today's world anymore. Even at my employer we tend to lose sight of the big picture, the people, and focus more on making money. I have heard from our internal service companies "I am too busy. It will have to wait." Not very customer/client focused. Nice to see someone with integrity and customer-focus!
-Jose M.

I am just reminded of how exceptional you were in the whole process. Recently we had family member that closed on a house (alas they did not take our recommendation in using you!) and their closing date kept being pushed back, even though the house was complete. It took nearly 3 months for everything to go through for them! Reyna and I remember how you were able to process everything in less than 30 days!
-Nate J.

As you may remember DR Horton was really wanting us to finance with them and made it difficult to see clearly what we truly needed to do. I've noticed going through the paperwork though how much more contact we had with you and how you were there for us at a moments notice to help us. So, I wanted to take a few minutes to say THANK YOU again for being our advocate and helping us to purchase our home! It means the world to us and we are so grateful for all your time and efforts!
-Cyndi & Steve Y.